About Us

CBD Seed Europe is specializing in EU approved ‘Blue Label’ hemp seeds for CBD cultivation for European farmers.

We believe that customer service is what sets us apart from the competition, because when you purchase CBD Seed Europe genetics not only are we here to answer all your questions, you are also joining a community of farmers with years of experience growing these genetics in many different environments, as well as access to the best agronomists from all over the world.

Our Story

Over the Years



Americo, Simeon and Ivo start CBD Seed Europe with the goal to create registed high CBD genetics for the European market.


Started registration CBD Cannabis strains

A 2 year journey starts, where we have to prove that our Midwest and Northwest are stable, THC complient and without disease to the EU Commission. Overseen by Ministries of Agriculture, Universities and with the help of farmers in multiple countries with many harvests, we accomplised just that.

2022 April

Registered the first high CBD, low THC genetics strains on the EU Common Catalogue

Our Midwest and Northwest are now the first High CBD, Low THC genetic strains to be added to the European Common Catalogue and receive their Blue Label.


Registred the first Autoflowering genetic onthe EU Catalogue

Our Auto-Power autoflowering strain is now also registered with a Blue Label and is now available for farmers in Europe.


To this day we are the official maintainers of the highest yielding CBD strains in Europe

Now that we are leading our industry, we do not sit still. We keep improving our genetics, introduce new products and service to our farmers and clients.



We have established successful partnerships with distributors in various countries and regions, allowing us to gain extensive local knowledge about the markets, farmers, and geology. This valuable insight not only fuels our commercial endeavors but also significantly enhances our ability to provide exceptional local service and expertise. At CBD Seed Europe, our collaborations with Distributors have consistently proven to be a cornerstone of our growth and a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled support and knowledge.

become a distributor

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Please note that to become a distributor, you have to be in a regoin/country that we don’t have an exclusive distribution agreement with and the minimum order for a distributor is 25,000 seeds per year.