Our Genetics

We understand that the most important decision a farmer makes each year is the seed they choose to put in the ground, that is why we work so closely with our farmers to ensure they have all the information necessary to make the best decision for their business. We work hard on our genetics to produce the best compliant, high CBD low THC strains on the market, giving our farmers the assurance that they will get the results that match their hard work.

All of our genetics undergo rigorous testing before we put them on the market in order to ensure compliance, mold and pest resistance as well as genetic stability so that crops are uniform and predictable. It is this predictability that makes it easier for farmers to plan their crop and be certain of the results they will achieve before they even put a seed in the ground.

Blue Label – EU Registered

Midwest CBD

The Midwest is the Queen of the CBD hemp genetics. Growing around the world for a decade now, this strain has been leading the CBD industry for years now and for good reason. Originating in the US and over the years improved and optimised, this genetics is now approved for the EU market because of it’s low THC, high CBD characteristics is the most stable and predictable strain available. It’s profile of over 150 terpenes makes the Midwest the ideal strain for both extraction and smokeable flower.

Medium to late harvest from 7 to 14 weeks
CBD peaks around week 5 at approx 16%
Compliant for THC, less than 0.2%
98% germination rate
99,96% female
EU Registered

Northwest CBD

If the Midwest is the Queen then the Northwest is the Princess. Designed for farmers that want all the benefits of the Midwest, but need a shorter grow time because of altitude, climate or location can grow the Northwest. Producing a smaller and bushier plant with the same results as the Midwest.

Early to medium harvest from 5 to 11 weeks
CBD peaks around week 8 at 15%
Compliant for THC, less than 0.2%
96% germination rate
99,95% female
EU Registered

Orange Label – EU Authorized

Auto-Power CBD

If you want to grow CBD hemp and want a predictable, short grow that literally runs like clockwork or have no experience or knowledge about growing hemp, then this is your strain. Our Auto-Power is our auto-flower and works exactly like that, it’s automatically programmed to flower when it needs to. The Auto-Power is also a much smaller plant which allows the farmer to plant much more densely than other hemp strains. This combined with its 75 day total grow period gives the farmer the highest amount of flexibility, making it the easiest strain for new farmers to quickly master. The Auto-Power is also ideal for colder climates with shorter growing seasons.

Early harvest in 75 days
CBD peaks around 7,5% to 9,5%
Compliant for THC, less than 0.2%
90%+ germination rate
99,9% female
EU Authorized

Europa CBG

Europa CBG is the newest revolution in cannabinoid research, completely removing the worry of compliance to the maximum THC regulations, CBG is the precursor to other cannabinoids, meaning THC levels will be almost zero percent, as the plant does not convert CBG to THC. Based on the Midwest strain, these seeds will produce plants that are genetically stable and resilient to mold mildew and pests.

Medium to late harvest from 7 to 14 weeks
CBG up to 18%
Compliant for THC, less than 0.15%
90%+ germination rate
98% female
EU Authorized